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Retinal edema chronic


    Jogosultság Kritériumok: Inclusion Criteria: - The patient must have macular edema involving the center of the macula with a corresponding leakage on fluorescein angiography.

    retinal edema chronic

    In cases where the OCT imaging program can not properly define the limits of ILM and RPE, if the investigator can obtain an estimate of the thickness of the manual by OCT central point of at least microns, the patient will be considered eligible.

    Clear media and eye pupil dilation adequate to allow fundus photography with good quality.

    retinal edema chronic

    Intraocular pressure not exceeding 21 mmHg. The ophthalmologist should feel comfortable with the delay of the focal laser treatment direct and grid, as needed by at least 12 weeks in the study eye.

    Ability to provide a written consent.

    retinal edema chronic

    Ability to return for all study visits. Exclusion Criteria: - Eyes retinal edema chronic scatter photocoagulation PRP one month prior the enrollment, or eyes where scatter photocoagulation is required now, or it likely to be needed over the next 6months for example, eyes with high risk PDR DRS not properly treated with photocoagulation.

    retinal edema chronic

    Patients who received panphotocoagulation, YAG laser, or peripheral retinal cryoablation for retinal tears or focal or grid photocoagulation within the last 12 weeks or more of treatment with focal or grid laser.

    Significant opacities of the optical medium, including cataracts, which may interfere with visual acuity, assessment of toxicity or photography background.

    retinal edema chronic

    Patients will not be included if they have high probability of requiring cataract surgery within the next year. Any intraocular surgery within 6 months prior to study entry.

    Prior peeling of epiretinal membrane or inner limiting membrane. Any major surgical procedure within one month of study entry Prior irradiation of the head region of the eye under study. Important known allergies to sodium fluorescein dye used in angiography.

    retinal edema chronic

    Acute ocular or periocular infection.